Irène Laksine


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Irène Laksine is an established French artist, creating contemporary and abstract modern art in her 6th floor studio in Paris.

She grew up in an artistic family and was encouraged to paint by Picasso when he watched her painting at the age of 15, with her sister, Danielle. Her uncle was a pupil of Rodin.

Irène went to the college of Arts Décoratifs de Nice and then to the college of Beaux Arts de Paris. She studied classical painting, but was intoduced to abstract art by her professor, Maître Chastel and was influenced by Simon Hantaï. (1922 - 2008)

Introducing Irène

Irène wearing her art!

Irène on the scaffolding while painting her wall art in Octeville - Cherbourg

Irène showing Chinese art students her 'reverse glass' painting technique on polyester/PVC. This technique is based on the ancient reverse glass paintings in China

Irène at art college in Paris in the 1960s

Irène in her studio in Paris with one of her large oil paintings

Irène in front of her huge acrylic on PVC, used as a wall in a dentist's cabinet in Paris in 1989

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