Irène Laksine


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Irène has been commissioned to paint some public installations, some on a massive scale. She painted a series of huge balloons which represented footballs in 1998, when France hosted the world cup. .

Irène has a large body of work, created over many years. You can see her portfolio here.

Some of her oil paintings have evolved over many years, if she is not completely happy with her paintings, she puts them away and then comes back to them until she is satisfied. The story is told on the rear of the canvasses, with dates recorded and then crossed out, and also by the weight of the canvasses as she continues to paint, adding layer upon layer until the colour or texture pleases her.  

Irène was commissioned to paint a massive mural in Paris, you can see her at the top of the scaffolding in the picture on the left..

In her quest to explore her art, she has created some truly original artworks by painting onto PVC, creating flexible, light reflecting modern paintings.

In 1989, Irène was commissioned to paint a huge acrylic on PVC which was placed between 2 panes of glass and used as a dividing wall in a dentist's cabinet in Paris.

She has done various other public murals and features over the years, including a domed ceiling in one of the universities in Paris.